Did You Just Have Your Carpet Cleaned?

Learn Tips That Will Keep Your Carpets Clean and Smelling Fresh Between Cleanings!

Keeping your carpets cleaned properly greatly increases it’s lifespan.  Arcane Carpet Cleaner’s highly effective strategies are sure to keep your flooring looking great for many years to come!

Understanding DIRT

The debris caught in your carpet fibers can act like miniature knife blades constantly cutting the yarn every time it is walked on. This not only breaks down the carpet’s fibers but will also, over time, destroy the sheen of the carpet.  The skin cells, food particles, pollen, and pet dander become food for germs in your carpet.  This bacteria and allergens can be very harmful to you and your family. Carpet cleaning studies show that a carpet can hold up to 1 pound per square foot of dry particulate matter before starting to look “dirty.”  Almost anything can find its way into the fibers so be sure to follow the steps below to ensure a healthy living atmosphere.

Tips to Follow Between Professional Cleanings


1.  Set your vacuum at the correct height for your carpet.  Setting the brushes too low can severely damage the rug fibers leading to a decrease in longevity. On the flip side, if the vacuum is set to high, you won’t be maximizing the machines ability to suck up dirt during cleaning.  A great way to set the ideal height on your cleaner is to raise it to the highest setting then you should turn the vacuum on and slowly lower it until you feel the brushes trying to move the carpet cleaner forward.

2.  Vacuum TWICE a week.  You may not realize is that there’s actually a right and a wrong way to vacuum. Wrong: cursorily going over the area a few times a month with the model you inherited from your grandmother. Right: investing in a model with tight connections (to prevent allergens from escaping) and a built-in HEPA filter.

3.  Promptly clean up any spills.  This will help to prevent the growth of mold.


4.  Request that visitors entering your home remove their shoes.  By doing so, it will help to keep them from bringing in foreign substances.

5.  Carpets should be professionally cleaned every SIX months.  Make sure it dries completely afterward so the dampness won’t attract mold or mites.  CLICK HERE to schedule an appointment.

Here at Arcane Carpet Cleaners, we take great pride in protecting you and your family from health issues that stem from your carpets. You deserve the very best and Arcane Carpet Cleaners is prepared to deliver to your highest expectations!