In Need Of Professional Carpet Cleaners?

Read our following tips of questions each customer should ask in searching for the perfect fit.

Keeping your carpets cleaned properly greatly increases it’s lifespan.  Owener and Operator of Arcane Carpet Cleaners, Ephraim Contreras, recommends that customers get their carpets professionally cleaned every 3 to 6 months depending on the amount of traffic in their home.  Between professional carpet cleanings, you can also follow our guide on “Keeping Your Carpets Clean!“.

Below we have put together important questions each customer should ask when deciding which carpet cleaning company best fits the needs of their home.

1.  Is this company credible?  The best way for a cusrtomer to check the credibilty of a carpet cleaning company is to do a little “homework”.  Customers should read through comments and reviews of the company through various search engines such as Google, Bing, Yelp, ect.  It is important for customers to feel safe and secure with the technicians entering their home.  Doing a little research is the best way for them to have peace of mind.

2.  Does this company offer free estimates?  Doing a walk through allows the technician to meet with the customer and discuss any problem areas or issues they may have.  During this process, technicians should recommend is the carpets may need Pet Urine Treatment, Carpet Restoration, or Spot Treatment.  If a company refuses to give customers a free estimate, this usually means they will change the prices on you upon arrival also known as “Bait and Switch”.Professional carpet cleaners

3.  What truck mounts and cleaning method do they use?  Professional carpet cleaners should use a high-end truck mount that is designed to kill bacteria, provide extreme heat to remove soil, and allow for a quick drying process.  Companies should clean with the Hot Water Extraction Method also known as “Steam Cleaning”.  This method is proven to Clean all types of surfaces, Be effective at removing bad odors, Allow for faster dry times, Use of eco-friendly, pet and child safe cleaning products, Wastewater is disposed of properly and will not harm environment, High heat temperatures help to kill the bacteria, and is recommended by all major carpet manufacturers.

4.  Is the Company IICRC Certified, licensed, and bonded?  Making sure a company that is entering your home is certified, licensed, and bonded is imperative.  If a technician misuses chemicals or puts any holes or scratches in your walls, you should feel safe to know that the company is responsible for the damages.

5.  What is the drying time?  During the free estimate process, be sure to ask the technician how long the carpets will need to dry.  This time span should usually be between 2 to 4 hours depending on the type of cleaning.  If your carpets will take 1 to 3 days to dry, this company is not using the correct cleaning method and dark spots will return within a week after cleaning.

When deciding which carpet cleaning company to hire in the Las Vegas, Nevada area, there are a few things to understand and determine.  As a paying customer, you should never assume a carpet cleaning company has your best interest at heart as there are many scam artists that try to trick homeowners each day.  Here at Arcane Carpet Cleaners, we want to ensure people are confident in their hiring choices whether they chose to us or not.  For this reason, we have put together a quick overview of questions you should be considering while executing the hiring process.

1.  Ask about the services that are included.

     This may seem like a “no brainer” to most people but, in all actuallity, this question is never asked in which the customer just assumes they will be recieving everything they may need for the minimal price.  When a capet cleaning company advertises a price or has a sale going on, that price is always for the bare minimum of cleaning.  If the customer does not have harsh stains, pet urine, or need deodorizer, this minimal price option is ideal.  If the customer needs extra services, the price will rise in which we advise people to verify what the final cost of the service will be.

     It is extremely common for companies to get on the phone with a customer and offer their advertised price and hang up without even asking the customer questions based on their needs.  This tactic is used so that they are able to book the appointment quick just to get their foot in the door.  Once the company arrives, this is when the technician will try to upsell the customers based on the different issues with the carpet.  If the customer doesnt feel 100% satisfied after speaking with the carpet cleaning company, that should be a huge red flag for them to keep searching for the perfect fit.

2.  Avoid the lowest price options

     Sure we all like to be bargain shoppers from time to time.  When it comes to the health and cleanliness of your home, we advise customers to “splurge” a little.  We all know the term, You Get What You Pay For.  In the carpet cleaning industry, this meaning is astronaumical.  With the amount of companies based in Las Vegas, and growing, customers should always be aware that the lowest price quote company may actually be more harmful to your carpets than helpful.

3.  Consider the employees / owner

It is importatn to feel safe with the technicians you have in your house.  The carpet cleaning company you hire should admit to full resposibility for employees and damages.  If the company you hire is not fully insured and bonded, Arcane Carpet Cleaners advises the customer to keep searching for one that is.  If a company is not willing to take on the responsibilities of damages during the cleaning process, it should be a sign that they are not willing to take on the resposibility of what their employees may do inside of your home.