Avoiding Carpet Cleaning Scams

Read our article on ways to avoid these three carpet-cleaning scams that companies use to trick homeowners into spending more

Do you like to keep your home FREASH and HEALTHY by keeping your carpets clean and free of stains?  Below we have put together the most common way carpet cleaning comapnies scam customers into spending more money than they agreed to with high pressure tactics and tricks.

Avoid these 3 carpet-cleaning tricks scam artists use on homeowners



Once the technician is inside your home, the price mysteriously begins to increase because:
* You have thicker carpet than average.
* Your rooms are double the size or a more strange size than average.
* There are certain stains on your floor that need extra treatment or attention.



Once you agree on a day and time to set the appointment, you decide to leave your house and return when the carpet is dry.  When you return home, the carpets look clean but within a few days, your stains returned.  You think to yourself, what happened?
* Faulty equipment, which didn’t push enough water in or suck enough out.
* The technician made no real effort to clean your carpet. Only doing a quick surface clean before moving on to the next job.



Carpet cleaning companies try to scam or trick customers by claiming to use the “best” method available. This is where the problem lies.  There is no such thing! What works best for your carpet depends on:
* Age
* Material
* Pile
* Amount of cleaning is required.
* Carpet fibers

The best way to avoid falling for these scams, it is imperative for customers to ask carpet cleaning companies a series of quesions.  Read our atricle “5 Questions To Ask When Hiring Professional Carpet Cleaners” to use as a guideline to ensure you dont make these common mistakes.